I was immortal,

It was not the horse that ran,

But me lending his legs my strength.

The world was opened up

And I could see right into 

All my friend was trying to share with me.

We'd ride long and far

And learn the other as we went,

I just as curious as he.

If we could've switched spots for a day,

I would run with everything I had in me.

Riding helped me learn the world.

I learned to love.

I learned to cry.

I learned to comfort.

And I learned to trust.

From this, I surrendered

And let go of myself.

That's when I could feel him,

and he felt me.

When I trusted him and he trusted me.

Poetry is my "riding"

So that I can escape from all the fighting.

If I close my eyes,

and focus on my friend,

Diving deep into writing,

Then an escaping hand to me he lends.


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