To You Alone

(Prayer Poem)

God to you alone
I surrender
You are my hope
And my defender

You're all I have left
You are enough
I hang on to you
Even when life gets tough

Things get crazy
Out of control
Even when I am lazy
You make everything roll

People’s voices
Invading my head
I see so many choices
Lying up ahead

Lord I can’t take it
It’s too much for me
The cross you created
Was made to set us free

Hear my cry Lord
To you I pray
You’re the only hope
That will never fade away

Let all be silenced
Voices of the dark
God take away my violence
And add your mark

Help me to see
Help me to understand
The shocking reality
Everything is in your hand

Build my trust
Take my fears
So that when I’m low
I know you dry my tears

Hold me up 
Set me free
My God you’ve never 
Forsaken me

God to you alone
I surrender
You are my hope
And my defender

Whatever may come
Both far and near
No matter how far I run
you’ll always be right here

In the name of Jesus
I ask your will be done
You’re the one that leads us
And it won't be undone

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