A Life Surrendered

Today my life surrendered
Before Thy feet I lay
A willing, living offering
I now to Thee convey
And in Thy hands, Thy bidding
To do without delay.
Please take this life to mold it
Thine image to display
To death put now desires
That others, seeing, may
Your will accomplish fully
As I Your life portray.
by David C Rogers

This poem is about: 
Our world


Rachel Genevieve

I love how you referenced metaphors used in Scripture. The second stanza in particular is evocative of in Isaiah (at least I think it's Isaiah) where God is described as a potter. Very beautiful!


Kind words. I'm pretty crazy about poetry, TBH. Ever collaborate on a poem? It's pretty cool!


Just checked, both Isaiah and Jeremiah mention the Potter, however, Jeremiah is the familiar passage about clay on the potter's wheel.

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