Who will have compassion for those who swallow other's pain
Who will comfort those who are always comforting others
Who will support the strong when the strong is busy holding others up
Who will bring light to the givers who are constantly shining their light on the world
Do not expect answers from those still in the dark
Do not expect them to fulfill you in those times of need
They can only take from you, they cannot fully support you
Seek your compassion from the Source that has many names
From the Life Force that knows all
Your comfort, support, and light will never leave you
Sometimes we forget what we already have
We seek it from everywhere than within
So just Surrender
The compassion, comfort, and light will come 
From within, or from others who decide to leave the darkness momentarily or permanently
And always From the Source
Surrender and what you need will be provided



This is sometimes how we feel when we are alone and going through a problem in life.

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