sh*t you cant say to your teacher

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Hey, teacher, Teach me something I can use. Teach how to not be a victim. Teach me to be strong. Teach me to be kind. Teach me what “humanity” means.
Boy, do I wish I could tell you That your class is such a bore, And that you are one of the few Who can really make me snore.   Your lectures are so long, And your tests are all so hard,
Can you understand the way?  Roll down the hill with the best of them?  The girls and guys who like each other.  The shame they feel when they walk down the hall.  Equality should be showcased.
Boys, they always told me I sounded like a victim, always told me i was victimizing myself. And maybe they were right.
Teacher of mine, I wish you would do more than just Read from that outdated textbook.   Teacher of mine, We’re an honors class.
I hate your f***ing class why be here when I could be smoking glass 2 + 2 is 4 No way! who would have thought. you think your so smart but its clear your brain is melted from pot
You say that the Civil War ended slavery, Then decry corporations as practicing such, Driving their "employees" into the ground, Hypocritical Much? But as I recall, Over all, Corporations don't chain
Mother would always shout... "I brought you into this world, and I'll take you out!" It always made me laugh, but it never made me think. What if i looked down... and saw that plus sign colored pink?
I know you may ask why I failed the last test in your class maybe its because you dont teach, or even because you never get off your fat ass. Sittin' behind that desk like your on the beach.
Too much work, and no time. I'd rather twerk, than waste a rhyme.   I want to eat. I want to sleep. I just want to eat red meat, Instead of make a literary leap.  
Hi, it's me again. Yeah your favorite student. The one you constantly accused of cheating, texting during lectures, and lying about going to a funeral. The only person who couldn't eat their breakfast fifteen minutes before class started.
Mr. C Why can't you be nice? Why can't you be kind? Don't you know that you're hurting others? Are you blind? Well I guess you are, 'Cuz you always stare at the ground.
You make it seem okay To joke about going into the bathroom to smoke But then lecture us not to do it.   You make it seem okay to call our school a dump And then say we are lucky to have teachers
  We all saw it The shoving, the laughing The mockery The tears We saw his pain As he pushed through a world that didn't want him So why didn't you? We all saw them
Teachers, you are not our friends, not all the time, please do not fool yourselves.   Teachers, I'm asking you: do you remember that the girl in the back corner, who
With the disrespect you show Struggling kids will never grow   If you looking for greatness Just shut your mouth and have some patience   Were all a part of this  generation
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