Little Pink Plus Sign


Mother would always shout...

"I brought you into this world,

and I'll take you out!"

It always made me laugh,

but it never made me think.

What if i looked down...

and saw that plus sign colored pink?

They all tell you,

abstenence is key!

But i never wondered...

What if it happened to me?

I've seen the movies,

I watched them laugh,

but it still ended up being that girl from math.

I just want to find him and yell,

"What the hell!

Didn't you learn anything?

Good god boy you're only seventeen!"

He's not even out of school.

How does he remain so cool?

Like it's no big deal,

that he boxed his life up with a kiss on the seal.

How come they didn't learn?

And now they'll take a turn,

for the worst?


For the best?


I'm just glad... it wasn't me.

So i guess i won't shout,

but they brought him into this world,

and now they can't take him out.


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