Wondering Why I Failed That test

Wed, 09/18/2013 - 16:28 -- wda18


I know you may ask why I failed the last test in your class

maybe its because you dont teach,

or even because you never get off your fat ass.

Sittin' behind that desk like your on the beach.

Teacher says "Heres a packet an' go teach yourselves."

All I'm asking you to do is teach.

Is that so hard?

Stop feeding your face behind the desk and stand up you stupid lard.

You think your letting us learn by teaching ourselves

and im telling you thats not enough.

Jimmy has a learning disability and what doesn't help

is the football players sitting around him getting rough.

You may act like you dont see it; but i know you do

and I've even seen you giving jimmy a hard time

making fun of his glasses, making fun of how he says Perdue,

and slurrin your words to mock his speach impediment.

I always do the same to you but you are to stupid to notice it.

Jimmy tells me that he knows the teacher doesnt like him

even says he crys during the night thinkin' about it.

I've asked you a hundred times and I'll askyou a hundred more.

How would you feel if if someone made fun of you forevermore?

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