Dear Mrs. Jones


Hi, it's me again. Yeah your favorite student. The one you constantly accused of cheating, texting during lectures, and lying about going to a funeral. The only person who couldn't eat their breakfast fifteen minutes before class started. Who didn't miss an assignment but was told during our one on one that I'm never doing work. I just had to let you know where all the things you said I didn't do has gotten me. I'm making great grades. I'm heading to grad school in a year and unlike anything you've ever said, I will suceed. "The lies" you claim I told didn't stop me. I've made it this far without the help you promised you'd give me. As my teacher and academic advisor you should've cared, but I'm glad you didn't because I would've still been there. So as much as I would like to say I hate you, I wish you well and would like to thank you. It's because of you I am able to stand and be the great person I am.
Sincerely, Kelsa


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