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It was so dark, so cold; always the same  till spark, till pain made fiery flames. Crimson, flaxen colors disgrace my face as fizz and hiss, they burn one like a lace.  
Burial- that return to the earth to a soil sometimes rich and fertile ( but not always) to soil that is almost inviting. This is a metaphor for seeds and for planting
Embrionic shell sheltered. Roots run deeply shoots spring forth  to the light of  Day, Truth, and Life. Steadily, steadily,  loving trusting. Intermission-------
Embrionic shell sheltered. Roots run deeply shoots spring forth  to the light of  Day, Truth, and Life. Steadily, steadily,  loving trusting. Intermission-------
water drips from the sky like blood staining all the land it hits the ground without a sound there is nowhere safe to stand
Hatred Anger "I'm giving up."  Reflection. Expansion. "I'll be better." 
The feeling of having no one to run to, The loneliness that plagues the hell of my mind. It causes the reddest blood of a violent hue Because rage that provokes the color blind.
  I hate you,why don't you just die is what I wish I could say but part of me still cares no matter how hard I try I still like you why.
Fifty years in this place,
Arise from the ash Reach for constellations bright You will soon emerge
the ins
Baby steps, I keep thinking Baby steps. Take deep breaths and make baby steps Delicate baby's breath Those soft white blooms are how I characterize This renaissance This cheery light perfume
Love me. Hold me and never let me go. This world is too heavy for me to carry by myself and I cannot deal with these demons of mine on my own.
When I was four I loved my brother and he broke his arm he screamed and fell and I didn't know what to do so I gave him marshmallows When I was seven I loved a doll and I cut its hair
What could I do? What would I say? I cannot begin to imagine the pain I'll feel once I realize you are permanently gone You'll be like a distant memory of what could have been, what was
Sacrilege Sanctimony bastards and heathens burn burn incinerate light them up watch the flames reach ever higher burn burn
The pain of not being able to call you The hurt that comes with not being able to see you The bittersweet light at the end of the tunnel when I think I'm finally over you
The rain began in my brain, Its lightning strikes my heart. Its torrential downpour Takes sight away, Tunnel vision
gleaming in the fluorescent light, brighter than the moon against a pitch-dark sky, breath catches, it’s beauty unforetold. not everything in the lost and found has been discarded.  
Here I am in this seat once again Geometry, Chemistry, all of it, in my head My life is headed in no direction I feel as though school is just a distraction What will I learn at the end of the day
I could explain the pain of a broken heart as well as I explain the comfort of rain. They are only two of the unexplainable feelings that course through my body from time-to-time.
Remember that time? When we swore we were perfect Ironically in love with each other’s imperfections Barely leaving any space between us to take in the recollections.
I want what I be not So busy trying to fill the gap in which Was left It be not his fault My spirit be mine and not his at all I long for pleasure and happiness in who has what I have not
  What am I gonna do when you’re gone? Because you couldn’t let anybody in to hear the cries of your sad song. So tell me what am I gonna do when you’re gone?
This is my personal armageddon. My Body grows numb from the constant wreck I've become. Sick and tired of feeling alone. Trapped in a lifeless body with no one to hold. I surrendered to the cold.
The floetry, the poetry The words no longer flow like trees The pain he felt, the more we see The links of him down to her "v" The moet she pours up as he Feels that the love is all she needs
For the first time, his arm swept around another girl, I knew that he was walking away, An ant in the field, smaller and smaller to see. I was naïve, I sat on the sidelines
Apparitions of my innocence appear to me Sincerely I can say I miss those days dearly Back when I was young and couldn't see the world clearly I'm screaming warnings to a ghost hoping that it's hearing me
The months of waiting and tears Lead to this moment; Where I can finally hold you again, And hear your heartbeat, And breathe you in. It's been too long since i've seen you're smile And your eyes,
Your troubles were my troubles, your struggles I made my own. What I got in return was nothing more, but pain. Now what do I have to show, I am nothing but alone. My eyes watered like rain, you made me feel so insane.
Its been 24 hours since yesterday, I know u might think That I exaggerate but I just can't explain' This feeling is suffocating me, Cuz I know yours aren't the same' that you thought they were...
When I was a kid, I thought the world was like the one in the cartoons The hero dressed in his red, white, and blue would always fly in and save the day
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