Bleeding heart


I hate you,why don't you just die

is what I wish I could say

but part of me still cares no matter how hard I try

I still like you why.

The grand mystery of the day

I felt so manipulated by you  

so do me a favor just shoot me

Like the assassin you are

Finish it you broke my spirit

Why not my body let see which

breaks faster from the onslaught


I needed some air a breath

friends are showing no threat

My time with you though brief

Not quite as bad and doesn't need grief

But this might be an act

Gonna sit back observe and read your tact

The storm has broken i’m finally free

You're still part of my history

But now you're just a story

A part of my life I enjoyed with dread

Now I can care and don’t need the fear

Goodbye dearie enjoy the world

Yet thanks for the memories


This poem is about: 
My community



This poem showed how my feelings about someone I knew changed over time

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