If You Shall Die, What Will I do?


What could I do?

What would I say?

I cannot begin to imagine the pain I'll feel once I realize you are permanently gone

You'll be like a distant memory of what could have been, what was

Now, after some time, you're a ghost of my former past

A friend I once knew long time ago

My farewells to you would feel utterly incomplete

My rivers of sadness and tears I've notice, have become an unknown right

I've often times armed myself with them any time I unexpectedly hear the name you once knew

of,called by, and answered to

My wells throughout the night will be blood curling, a scary high pitch mash of angry emotions

The squeals of abandonment that haunt my soul ripple throughout the house, every room and

hallway filled with heartfelt agony and morsel regret

Ranging from severe to monotone disengagement of an unattached reality

I would ask myself, "Why couldn't I see your years were limited, not indefinite?"

My dear, my dear love. Be gone now!

Dash through my dreams like a shadow on a dreary day

How dreadful is it to remeber you like this?

"Why wasn't I allowed the opportunity to say goodbye?"

I might never know

Farewell for now.

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