A Broken Heart

Fri, 02/07/2014 - 21:49 -- sdunh12

The rain began in my brain,

Its lightning strikes my heart.

Its torrential downpour

Takes sight away,

Tunnel vision

Left forged by dimensional puddles.

Throaty laughs echo up,

They throw my demons back at me

Until their claws dig so deep;

Resent the pain no longer.

Collapsing chest, bubbled throat,

Mirrors of inner blisters;

All cement reflects back at me

The denial in no winners.

Strike my head,

Bruise my filamental fundamental withering ego;

It’s all been done.

Ink is final.

Tattoos of thorns cut deeper than blood,

Wrapped their quiver,

Reded barbs torn free.

Sedimentary sentimentalism

Is full flowered in gardens.

Clippers cut the lost gripping tendrils,

Let the rain wash away the rest.

Goodbye to invigorating fertile soil;

Hello to now.


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