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I've a devotion to share It's long overdue I've a patron always there And he's everything true This special patron fills my air He came to my rescue He helps through all despair
To make happiness soup you need a pot seasoned with care,  And begin with a quart of smiles, now you're ready to prepare.  To start add a cup of hope and a dash of confidence,
I shouldn't have I should have ignored you As if I wasn't able to see you I made a mistake Now I understand that I should have never set my eyes on you
Snow lightly coats the top of the river, Sides of houses covered in icicles, Christmas lights shine so bright Headlights look too similar. I danced in the riverbanks and couldn't help
The little ant who bit my hand Who makes his home in hard sand & protects his brother's land   Your jaws are fierce Even my skin they pierce   Have nothing to fear
My America is yours too Our America is colorful It is sprinkled with all types of race dashed with culture with handfuls of acceptance Our America is full of love love for others and love for itself  
Everyday I woke, I worked, all day to day, no change.The broken record called "My Life", was simply played away.Routine will grind your smallest bones of vigor into naught,and as day and day pass away you'll find your heart has stopped.For me, for
Many things in this house are broken this family is not one of them. The stove door is off the hinge, the lights are dim, and we need propane. Mom is well though, and Sisters off flying planes.
written 08/07/16   The secrets we keep Just words between us, We carefully speak Perfectly hushed. But now I have questions And we are never alone, So I speak nothing
As I close my eyes Thoughts pop in my head No pain or hurt Just you by my side   Memories of you and I Of the past and now How happy we are Loving to share  
From the point where life all begun to the awesome individuals that helped make everything awesome. When there is bad, the good will come, everything negative has a positive.  Life is awesome. You wake up everyday,
I'm cold. A chill in the air. Wood fire dwindling to smolders. Ash crisped cinders to share. Cotton between our shoulders. That endearing musk of burnt wood.
Her hair is a mess, her eyes are swollen
I said I would write a poem for her, But what is a poem If she still doesn't know how I feel about her. What is "life", if I can't rearrange the meaning of a "woman" to make you  My "wife".
Let me hold you.  Let me hold you, expressed the flowing river. Let me lead you around the twists and bends. Let me expose you to the eb and flow of my waters path.
My experience with love is  painful unforgettable betrayal Eight months making memories moments music Proving people wrong with clashing thoughts personalities
Well this is quite a surprise. I've never been asked this inquiry before.
The pitfalls of man, though shallow, stay d
Today is the day I must perform I wake up in the morning and look outside The sun's out. Does that mean I'll be good or-- Will the opposite occur?  Its time to go... I drive past homes and stores,
There come a time in every man’s life Where he learns about who he is destined to be Some day he will take on a wife As he choose her and she choose he
Many think that strenth lies within a number on a wieght. The truth is strength is measured within the mind. The mind of an ordinary person who has carried more than they can. Who has survived the storm.
Do not dry the ocean of my Love.
There are moments in time when a sound hits your ear drums before your eyes reach the sight, and moments in time when your nostrils fill up a familiar fragrance before you catch sight of the body of which it lies upon.
Stand up and Fight. Everyone is always standing around talking about whats wrong, but no one wants to stand up and fight for what they know is right.
I remember the first time I met you so clearly. You spoke in different languages  in my ear to distract me as you put your tongue against mine, 
The flash of slaps and fists of rage will forever remain in scars 
free freedom rings 
She was craving for love.  She wanted to be heard.  she wanted to be held at night  and showed off in the daylight.  She gave her life for him  and sold her soul for his love 
I was the kid on the curb  never thought my words would be heard. See I've been in a trap house since the age of 6 my uncle started sellin in 86' my cousin started pimpin in 99'
Am I heard?
Bare feet running down the street Speak louder than the words shouted in the house
This is for all the kings without kingdoms, or queens without crowns. For the people without voices, crying out from the ground This is one voice, a tremulous note, Sustained by the wind and carried by hope
Black, Darkness,Ugly words that I heard from the movies I watched about slavery, This is all I am this is all I will be just another ugly dumb black girl with nappy hair.
When your father walks away,don't cry. Because your fingers formed in the womb of your mother
I don’t know why,
Everyone wants to be heard,to tell their feelings and their hurt.But, yet they walk around silentwith feelings bottled up so hard like a bullet. 
I encompass the mind of a young woman A woman embarking on adventure Finding myself in a world of beliefs In a world of disbeliefs
I feel like I've been left in the dark, No one will ever understand the hurt of my heart, The pain that I feel, Or the scars on my heart that will never heal. I done been through so much i can't even deal.
Isn’t it saying something that,  In a world where you can find What movies I like and what my middle name is, That’d I’d keep you secret. 
I got ideas on my mind,  but not a single dime to stop this. Everyday that I see oh man, suddenly i feel compelled to give. They walk the streets. No baths or money to eat. What do I do?
Your mind is roaming, so full of thoughts. You cannot stop thinking, your mind is so wrought. Constantly doing something for others, expecting nothing in return. Silently seeking happiness and someone elses concern.
This girl who is she?  What is her means ? She has been throrugh alot Alot of things you have never seen. They say she's jamaican but is that all to her ? She seems that she has something else to offer.
I write a lot of poems Much about love and mild despair, But when referring to such love, What do I mean, I’ll make it clear, I speak of love, I want but lost, Love that will, extremely cost, Me mostly emotionally, But I have failed to mention, A
I am from clothes and plants From coffee and cheerios I am from the quiet neighborhood But loud house With the smell of pine trees When you walk outside I'm from the cactuses you grow
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