As I Close My Eyes

As I close my eyes

Thoughts pop in my head

No pain or hurt

Just you by my side


Memories of you and I

Of the past and now

How happy we are

Loving to share


Your warm embrace

The teasing lips

Your hands upon my hips

The gaze in your eyes


Sweet decisions

Secret looks

I admire you

You're my promise


Tomorrow may never come

But today is here

With the love between us

How close we are


The promises made

Vows on the way

Commitment we made

As I close my eyes


The lust we share

With desire in our eyes

Passion all around

As we entwine


Your lips on mine

Laying your body next to mine

Fingers trailing me

Tongue tasting me


As I close my eyes

I hear you call my name

My heart opens wide

As I close my eyes

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