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Its not safe out there. For you or me. Its not safe out there. In the streets. People feeding their addiction. Others beg to be something.. That they are not.
When I see your face it's only but a blur, I can't even recognize you anymore I can't breathe, yet I remain calm I feel the sting in my chest I just want to rest.
Dear my old self,    I wanted you to see the sunrise again, How the freedom to stroll through Denver in the mornings, Became like your second home.
Depression, you're so strong, you leave such a great impression. PLEASE!  Leave me alone! Leave me alone so I can go back home.  
Today, I caught a sadness. It started by waking in a room with no sun, no arms around my waist, whispered promises in my ear. It spiraled up my legs as I walked out the door
I do not need your book definitions Or words that lack emotions To explain who I am or what I feel. There is no one clear picture of me, Michelangelo could do his best to paint my soul
Believe in yourself, and what life has in store. Just never forget your past, and remember what you live for.   You have touched the hearts of the people around you. You are loved by so many;
No, I'm not a Babie girl I'm not the fastest swimmer I'm not the smartest student I'm not the best daughter
I'm going for the top I got it on lock Its no crock I'm sturdy as a rock That will never crumble like a stock This is why I have a flock They would follow me around any block So don't be in shock
Cut your hair boy, Why are you bald.. you are a girl. You do not meet expections, but it isn't you, it is just the world... Yes hunny it is ugly.
I am not going to explain the scars on my wrist Or size of my waist to the ratio of my hips. I’m not going to apologize for the way my ribs protrude
Strength. Patience. Faith. Courage.
  Indeed these numerous trials make known their face
As I hear the pounding on the door and learn who is there, I think, "No, no no." As I am told to come downstairs to be told what happened, I say, "No, no, no."
These obstacles and my pain
I wish I was the person I was, I wish I was the person I was. Wait a minute, The person I was, is the person I am. Forever changed by events called life. The person I was is hard to find,
Little kids with sticky hands, rush toward their superman. Begging for a taste, begging to be set free.   A hero. A leader. Someone to look up to, they stand above everything.
Keep Spinning   Life is a broken Merry Go ‘Round, Continuously whirling in blurry rotations
They always want more from youYou can never give them enoughYou can try your hardestAnd do you bestBut it will not be good enough to themThat is when you need to leave
You can do itLife gets hard sometimes But you can do itJust keep going Do it for yourselfBecause you are important You must give your life meaningEven if you feel like nothing is left
A single tear holds the most sorrow A day was here, next there's no tomorrow A dreamer lost up in his cloud Reality had to bring him down Who holds the future now?
Take a deep breath and brace yourself. Take your steps 'til accomplishment is felt. Move ahead three steps at a time or what works best for you. Don't ever stop or miss your cue, because success doesn't move without you.
Instead of chasing balls with friends I was focusing on something else instead In four months time I would find That dishes only what you can handle It's rather scary for a 9 year old to go under the scalpel
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