Sink or Swim


United States
43° 57' 56.5992" N, 121° 13' 10.704" W

Instead of chasing balls with friends
I was focusing on something else instead
In four months time
I would find
That dishes only what you can handle
It's rather scary for a 9 year old to go under the scalpel
"It's an experimental procedure" the doctors told my mom
and with that my mom decided that it shouldn't be prolonged.
The fear going in was something else entirely
The nurse asked for my hand, and I gave it shyly.
The surgery went fine with few repercussions
at nine years old I could finally read
overcoming the fears and the inability to see
My mother told me whenever I'm afraid
to remember this words and I will never go in vain
"When life feels like a current,
and you don't think you can swim
remember you are my daughter
and you will always find your fins"

Now, 8 years later I can still hear my mothers voice
that when ever life gets really tough you always have a choice
To sink or swim
life only throws at you what you think you can win
everyone has their challenges
and somehow must of us still manages
to wake up in the morning and try it again.


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