Wed, 02/04/2015 - 21:15 -- MLE

Believe in yourself,

and what life has in store.

Just never forget your past,

and remember what you live for.


You have touched the hearts

of the people around you.

You are loved by so many;

this is a hard thing to do.


But you will get through it.

Though the going may be tough.

We’ll keep you in our hearts,

and remember all the good stuff.


The compassion, the tears,

the feelings, the fun;

have all molded you into Tyler.

Regrets, you should have none.


You’ve done the best you can

with the cards you’ve been dealt.

And it’s been a hard journey,

many emotions you have felt.


But trust me when I say,

that looking back you will understand,

why God or Buddha or whoever

didn’t lend you their hand


Because you will find hope

in the least expected places.

These times of your life

are simply not wasted.


It will all make sense,

though it won’t be soon.

Life knows the sound of your heart,

and whistles its tune.


Its echo sometimes dim;

never ever goes away.

For when you think you’ve hit rock bottom,

the louder it will play.


And it will help you to overcome

the fears that block your way.

And offer motivation as you fight

for the life you’ll have one day.


It will take a whole lot of devotion;

commitment, loyalty, and care.

But you are capable of all that,

and I know you’ll get there.


Usually the endings of poems are the easiest for me to write, but I can’t quite figure out this one.


I guess it’s not supposed to end.


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