I am Hope

I do not need your book definitions

Or words that lack emotions

To explain who I am or what I feel.

There is no one clear picture of me,

Michelangelo could do his best to paint my soul

And only succeed in confusing you even more.

I am a mother, I am a student,

A daughter, a friend, a protector,

A musician, a dreamer

Yet I am so much more.

I am Hope.

For that is what consumes me

That is what drives me.

For this I have been called

Stupid, foolish, and blind

Am I Stupid for something that keeps me alive?

Foolish for finding something to keep the pieces of me I have left together?

Blind when in reality I see more then the hopeless ones?

I am Hope.

I am the hope that I can succeed higher than ever dreamed.

I am the hope I drive into each person and friend I meet.

I am the hope that I can give my son the life he deserves one day

Since he gave me a reason to even live mine.

I am hope that one day I can show my child the world

Not any world

But a world of possibilities and no limits.

Go ahead and look me up.

You’ll see someone that will pick up a sledge hammer twice their size

Just to obliterate any wall that stands in their way.

You’ll find someone that has a reason.

A reason to get through the screaming all around them

And the ones that doubt and put them down.

You'll find someone that is patient as sippy cups are thrown,

bed times are being reached, and as keys are once again taken away

from a blue eyed child with hair streaked with red.

Someone that turns nights of crying into nights of singing.

You’ll find a person that will stand tall

To shield off anyone that believes that injustice is a possibility.

You’ll find a person who refuses to see impossibilities.

A person who’s loving hands will reach out to save any soul,

No matter how many times their hands have just been damaged.

“Good bye” I say to the nonbelievers

As I scoop up my son in my protecting arms

Ready to face the world each and every day.



This poem is about: 
My family


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