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You tasted like poetry Marigold fields And the hum of white noise You felt like The afternoon on an autumn's day Scholastic book fair The local Pumpkin patch You looked like
i'm not quite sure how to put the way i miss you into words.   i see your face in everything around me.   your taste is a recurrent craving i can't seem to curb.  
The smell of ginger bread fills the kitchen with the heat of an oven reminding me I am home. Stepping outside is a shock wave of senses, the smell of snow in the air that the wind has left behind.
The smell is something  that stays with you forever.  The smoke is long gone, but it left a solemn promise.   That stays with you forever-- when you look at the ovens, it leaves a solemn promise
Nervous pangs and tattering thoughts The impending terror of my dreams lay before me. Psychology tells physiology to shut its mouth but biology gives in: Close my eyes and count to three  
Acknowledge and embrace the smell, the feel, and the taste. Understand: the power of the flower. The flavor is sour- diesel. On a cloud
The soft tender touch of a lover,The hushed whispers from one to another.The beauty of a now stranger lingers in your mind,The faint smell of Lilac lets you unwind.The taste of your tears cascading down your cheek,Her gentle kisses leave you weak.
Your scent is my drug. When I inhale I am brought back to an unreal reality. The way you touch, feel, and sound Comes to me like a car accident on the freeway. Fast, hard, and uncontrollable.  
The ability of touch is AMAZING. In my eyes being able to feel the softness and roughness of an object is PRAISING. The extravagant foods are so TASTEFUL. 
Young lust Simmers deeper than a gigantic tidal wave The vivacious fusion of the two bodies Begins to peak into the uppermost realm of infatuation  As they cover each other with outer warmth
odd how i think ofYou in the spice aisleof the grocer near my homewhich sits empty,waiting forYour bodyto fill it with the smell of rosemary andsmoke.   if only i had time
The sky looks dark The sun comes out but cannot be seen The coughing begins The air is as thick as soup
  Ew, you stink! Go away Take a bath, wear deodorant.
There is a smell that gets the machinery whirring, one like candy, sex, or soft, glittering lights minimalist piano with a few rough throated strings that makes the mind swoon momentarily
This isn’t some side job that you can pick up whenever you have extra seconds on your wristwatch.   The nebulas of your eyes are always looking, observing each individual
Can you see from my clothes,    all the things I know.   Adorned from head to toe in mediocrity.   I use to feel the need to exceed normality.   
1,000 miles away from eachother, you told me I was perfect. You told me I was everything you wanted. And you even told me you loved me! Yet, you were always flirting with other girls.
The sunlight brightness my room, but yet I cant see it The birds sing the songs of springs, but yet i can hear it 
I always smell like this after being outside,
My Red Hot Babe -- she smelleth oh so bad; When Nell is near, I almost faint - her smell! Says honest Abe: "She should be never had;" Her smell all fear, how she can breathe - can't tell. 
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