You Say you Love the Smell

you say you love the smell, but its your stare that stays with me.

it was that glance that we shared when your eyes met mine,

not for the first time,

but this time, it was real.


you say you love the smell, but its your eyes i love the most.

as you stare tries to capture every moment

so when you hit re-play on your memories

you can take in all the essence of me.


you say you love the smell, but its your glance that draws me in.

its that lingering look,

that turns the I that use to govern my life

into we.


You say you love the smell, but its you look that leads the way

and even though this stare does not exist outside this moment,

it acts as my delorian, taking me to a possible future

where you and I are have clunge together united by that small silver band


So yes i love your eyes, and every glance they give

when they notice my flaws that you consider beautiful;


and yes, i love you eyes and every stare that stays

engrained in my heart with all the wonderful memories of you.


and yes, i love your eyes and every lingering look that guides me past the temporary

and provides a more permanent view.


you say you love the smell, But baby I love those eyes!

Those big beautiful almost blind eyes.

and even though without help you can hardly see,

you still find a way to capture every second of you and me.



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