Your Scent Is My Drug

Your scent is my drug.

When I inhale I am brought back to an unreal reality.

The way you touch, feel, and sound

Comes to me like a car accident on the freeway.

Fast, hard, and uncontrollable.


I begin to remember the way your fingers strike softly against my legs.

The way your body acted like my heater,

And the way your eyes rolled in the back of your day dreaming head

When I kissed your left cheekbone.


Your scent is my drug.

When I inhale, only thoughts of you go rushing through my bloodstream

And pump through my heart.

Thoughts of you enter my mind.


I begin to remember the way you would watch me as spoke

And how I would notice when you were no

Longer listening to the words that came from my mouth,

but rather the passion rolling off my tongue.


You would say “I love the way you speak”

and your eyes would never leave the movement of my lips.

I remember your fingertips through my hair

And the feeling of comfort evaporating from your body

when I laid myself under your freckled arm.


Your scent is my drug.

When I get a whiff I am possessed

And I only crave more.

When I don’t have it I am lost and confused.


I inhale and I want you.

I exhale and I want you more.

But just like any drug, you are bad for me.

And it is bad for me to crave your soul

And it is bad for me to taste your mouth

And it is bad for me to become immuned to your existence in my life.


Your scent is my drug.

And I have become addicted. 

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