Fri, 12/06/2013 - 00:47 -- jesssj


I always smell like this after being outside,

Like someone set ablaze the sky.

I long for actual warmth,

For companionship or even release from this storm.

A release, yes

Let all of it cease, yes

Let my troubles decrease, yes. 

I always smell like this after a useless night, 

After laughter and coffee and habits losing sight.

I long for my dreams,

An accomplishment or being able to breathe.

To breathe, yes

Let my lungs lose the sea, yes

Let all my soul bleed, yes.

I always smell like this after you’ve left for school, 

You tell me to rest, a comforting coo.

I long for the days you say my name again,

To tell stories, be it lover or friend. 

Be a friend, yes

Deconstruct the end, yes

I’ve got more love to lend, yes

I always smell like this after being outside,

My loneliness and need for solace collide.

I long to feel some desire for life,

To take on these apparent blessings in disguise.

A disguise, yes

All my joy hides, yes

To whom do I confide?


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