My Red Hot Babe -- She Smelleth

My Red Hot Babe -- she smelleth oh so bad;

When Nell is near, I almost faint - her smell!

Says honest Abe: "She should be never had;"

Her smell all fear, how she can breathe - can't tell. 

Have you smelled feet? You meet her: guess again.

How anyone can smell so bad who knows?
Have you smelled peat?  You smell her: feel the pain.
However can I shell that smell in prose? 

She did not always smell, remember now:
A year ago she was so fresh like spring,
Though I can scarce r'tell; how changes things, wow!
Refuses she to wash like ancient kings. 

Still, even though, my Red Hot Babe is mine.
The smell aside, her loving heart does shine.


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