low self esteem

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How can something so small grow to be so beautiful? Let the light shine down on me like I'm in a play or a musical. Be the love that showers me & help me bloom, Don't pick me up only to carry me into a dark room & filled with negative fume
A hammer shatters the mirror and blood pools in the places punctured by the mirror's shards. Maybe the blood loss will make her lighter.  140 to 135 to 104 still counting. 
Skin, smooth and tan, a glow That the sun envy’s and the skies adore A look so divine that I’ll never know Curly hair delicately intertwined
"I pity the deaf girl" they say: Her mind is off in a land far away. She can, she can't, she might, she might not; In a big ole trap she is caught. They doubt her, they decieve her;
I'm not a pessimist. I'm not right. I look fat. I'm not bright. I'm a brat. I'm lazy. I'm a sheep. I'm crazy. I'm a creep. I'm frightened. I'm alone.
She’s just a girl you see She’s got the brains friends and a family The only thing she can’t seem to realize Is her beauty that lies inside   You’ll never see her frown
Even if I pass away, The world will be spinning, Wrapped around the sun, As dusks falls, And morning comes.
Despite the eloquence ofMy words;My actionsShowcase merciless intent My actionsSeem to display meAs selfishAs ifI don’t love you BUT YOU ARE WRONG
I am just a traveler in want of a little rest I had been blending through a city of the oppressed Dimming me down to the filthy ground Screaming at me, they surround
I am so over things being aesthetically pleasing. I am so over someone choosing one thing over another because they think it is more beautiful. We are all culprits. But since when is symmetry all that we care about?
Mirror mirror on the wall I can't look at you at all. The image of me distorted will be, And my mind from it shackles will not be free.   Mirror mirror on the wall You hasten my downfall.
Dear Future Lover, I want a love letter One that tells me I’m beautiful How my smile illuminates a room And how my body sets the mood Saying my lazy eye is exotic looking
I'm done with all of this. The shit I go through daily. The unexplained silence, As bad as the fucking words I hear. The judge mental glance a sharp dagger, That had stabbed me in the back forever.
I am not my failures. I am not my last name. I am not my past. I am not my grade. I am not my nightmares.
People tell me I’m a good writer Although I’m not sure what they mean Because when I read over my work I just see meaningless words on a screen   I’ve never been good with small talk
This is my story of the factors that determine me,Drive me to be who I want to be,And create my own destiny.I’ve never been a size twoAnd everything I would doWould be wrong to you.
The Awesomeness in Me is why I get up out of bed. Even though, everyday, I would rather not. The Awesomeness in Me is why I still attempt to look nice everyday 
  Jokingly, at himself, “Idiot.”  All too dramatic, “Can’t you do anything right?”  Laughter. “You. Are. Worthless.”  They don't mean it,
Admire what you see Mirror or none For which everything that you see Beauty is none What makes things beautiful Thoughts or emotions Either one is powerful But without people's creations
Beautiful people everywhere, I'm not one of them! I'm not one of them! Beautiful people everywhere, As far as the eye can see. And none of them look like me
All the shadows in my mind You push away and leave behind Every whisp'ring doubt and fear Fades to nothing when you're near   But then, every time we part These burdens bear back on my heart
There is nothing worse Than the feeling of being replaced Not good enough You left when things got tough And I really can't blame you I would leave if I could too
The echo in my ear of all the hurt and pain, from the time I was younger and more I had to gain. All that I kept inside and I can't seem to get out, it's like a stomach full of words I want to shout.
There has been a monster in the mirror Her stormy gray eyes Flicker with fright Yellow chipped teeth Hide behind paper thin lips Ghost like skin With veins so blue Wrapped around a frame
Your grimaces, painful half glimpses, Bring sorrow to every fragile piece of me. If I should shatter, I’d cut your skin. Make you remember you’re only human. You used to smile at me years ago,
(poems go here) I feel like im in a box Having a limit to how far I can walk Never able to escape Going through the same problems each and everday I feel like I'm in prison Alone and broken
Every girl was born with a face of porcelain and heat of pedals. Anyone can see that is beautiful, without a male to announce it.
She spends five hours getting ready Knowing all her hard work is for naught For by the time she gets to her locker she will be tripped Into a reality that feels a nightmare The names she can handle
When you laugh, the wind blows The wind starts singing When I cry, the rain flows The rains start flowing Flowing towards you Like the end of a good morning The beginning of a bad night
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