Done (Profanity Warning)

I'm done with all of this.

The shit I go through daily.

The unexplained silence,

As bad as the fucking words I hear.

The judge mental glance a sharp dagger,

That had stabbed me in the back forever.

"However pretty she is!

How smart she is!

The emo!

The try hard!

The goddamn smart ass!"

I never asked your opinion,

And now I can't even fucking escape it!

I'm done with mirrors,

I hate them so much,

For the lingering thoughts echo 

In the abyss I've created for myself.


I'm done thinking.

Thinking that I am ugly,

That I am fat,

That I'll never be good enough.

That nobody cans love somebody

As fucked up as I am.

I' m a broken pile of ashes,

Created in a storm of lies.


I'm done hidding.

Hidding the facts;

I'm not o-fucking-kay,

That I'm sick of it all,

That I am broken.

I've simply decided that 

It's not worth the pain,

The disdain.


I'm done with it all.

I've begun to fall

Into the deep pits of my mind,

Were there is nowhere left to hide.

I can hide it from you,

But not from myself.

I'm done trying to get above this



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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