Deaf Girl

"I pity the deaf girl" they say:

Her mind is off in a land far away.

She can, she can't, she might, she might not;

In a big ole trap she is caught.

They doubt her, they decieve her;

In herself, she is not a believer.

They take away her fight;

Tell her she cannot take flight.

Nobody tries to get to know her inflicting danger;

Hate is all she has ever felt from these strangers.

"Why me?" she cries at night;

She wonders why she feels this lonlieness inside.

Her mind, she tres to distract;

But all those memories come rushing back.

In a fishbowl, she is viewed.

Yet she is asked why she always has a mood;

In people, she wants her faith renewed;

She only wants a life pure and true.

But hey, what's a girl to do?

Where will it start? Will it start with you?

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