This Is My Story

This is my story of the factors that determine me,
Drive me to be who I want to be,
And create my own destiny.
I’ve never been a size two
And everything I would do
Would be wrong to you.
I’ve been bullied for my chubbiness
But I’ve only shown the world kindness
Now I am full of awkward shyness.
I hide myself the best I can,
For a long time I never had a man
And I started to believe I didn’t have a life plan.
I thought no one liked me because I
Carried extra pounds on my
Body, thus I wanted to die.
Self-loathing, self-harm
All things that would trigger an alarm
But no one ever saw my leg or arm.
I went down a slippery slope
I didn’t know how to cope
So I started to give up hope.
When family matters wore me down
I let my head droop and my crown hit the ground
All of it was too much, I could of drown.
When I had nothing but pain and anxiety
I really hated me
And I ended up blaming society.
But then after being betrayed by my best and only friend
And putting that friendship to an end
I finally found a way to mend.
I didn’t have to eat to find comfort
All I needed was a little effort
So I could find a way to convert
My negativity to something good.
Something that would
Help me be the person I should.
In the dark, I found a slither of light
So I ran towards it with all my might
For once, something seemed right.
I learned to express myself in words and actions
Poetry became an outlet of emotions
And exercise became my mind’s distractions.
I put an end to torture’s reign
Trying to repair the damage that remain
This is my story to regain.

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