Unhealthy relationships

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  Of All The Things That I Miss   I miss the nails on the back porch The worms in the lawn I miss the stables by your house
Dear sister, shall I be gone, then, in your eyes? Living once will never be enough. the world is wide and bright bold colors and shapes
He is a monster.His mouth widens to reveal three rows of teeth, and he is covered with blood.My blood.Even though he is hidden in the shadows, his pale skin shines through,Blinding me.When he walks into the light, his demon black eyes shift into a
Just because I love you  like the blue popsicle melting in my palm I want to eat before it drips away into a puddle beyond my reach  is not cause for the bruise blooming across your cheekbone 
i thought i loved You In truth my actions showed my fear of losing You and my want for Your affections
because i love You, i don’t mind being ignored by You. i don’t mind being in this one-sided relationship which i know will destroy me. but because i love You,
Despite the eloquence ofMy words;My actionsShowcase merciless intent My actionsSeem to display meAs selfishAs ifI don’t love you BUT YOU ARE WRONG
The butterflies that flutter with the thought of them.Is that love?The chills you get as they mention your name.Is that love?
I started out alone, down the school hallway. No friends. Nothing but my thoughts in my own mind. I had low self-esteem; didn’t know how to speak. No one noticed me. Nothing but my thoughts, and you.  
I used to obsess about my books being perpendicular on the night stand; that was of course before you found your way into my life.
In this life, we are taught to feel as though we need to be filled to continue to flow. The words of our loved ones can  encourage our growth,  but what happens when that isn't necessarily so?  
A crash course in love for those with little time and no experience:   Welcome You may not be sure why you’re here After all, ever since we’re young we’re taught love
She realized that it could not work When he hit her And it hurt And when tears ran astray On a young, weary face There was something deep inside That had dried beneath a fiery gaze
I was always a mixture of too much and not enough.   A galaxy dotted with stars and brillance, but with dark spaces in between.   An ocean teeming with life,
The hand on my cheek should be gentleNot rough. The look in your eyes should be cordialNot forbidding. The words you speak should be filled with loveNot anger.
Eden was never a symbol of perfection Aphrodite was never a symbol of love Love to the Greeks meant madness, meant that someone had fallen too far  
“ Scream! Scream, my darling, I promise you that my words are not nooses, my love not poison, my kisses not lethal injection.
Because I love you I still get lost when I look into your eyes. The simple thought of you turns my frown into a smile. Every hug makes me feel warm inside
for Sofia   Last night you came over Slept over On a school night The next morning We walked in hand in hand And I got looks from my friends
I love him. I say in my head. Over and over. I love him. Of course I love him. Why wouldn't I love him? There's no one better. I'll never find anyone better. I don't deserve any better.
You must hate the way I think about you. constantly. Or at least I imagine and yet you fill my head potently. I miss your delicate fingers singing to my skin when you filled holes
Dull pain in your name such joy my conversation can destroy you’re like something I can see and hear But not so near. You are out of touch with me Or rather
consume me with your presense I am devoured by your thought I ache inside to tell you but it sits inside like rot  
  You were once so beautiful, We were once so close But this is not who i once loved And is instead a tortured ghost Just a shell that's been cracked And on the verge of perish
All hopes are shattered The damage is done and wounds, fresh Time to cut all ties
He rushed over me, His touch cold at first, But so warm after. He'd pull in, Away, And I exulted in his rhythm.  When I wasn't submerged in him, Completely absorbed in his presence,
Strongholds that she feels in her soul Living in the midst of a painful life untold Searching for love in strange places But still she gravitates to these familiar faces
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