A Damaged Package

because i love You,

i don’t mind being ignored by You.

i don’t mind being in this one-sided relationship

which i know will destroy me.

but because i love You,

i’ll let You destroy me with open arms.

every time someone like You comes around,

i can’t contain myself.

i’m in love with feeling like i’m being loved,

blindness and ignorance winds up being my reassurance.

it’s the only thing keeping me sane,

but because i love You,

i don’t mind going insane.

because i love You,

i’ll put on this facade that i’m sure You’ve gotten used to by now.

You warned me that you will get tired of me,

but because i love You,

i ignored it.

because i want You to be happy,

i ignored it.

but because I grasped onto my beautiful power of words,

I started to fall in love with Myself,

I’m going to ignore your cries for help

because you never really did love Me,

you always ignored My cries for help,

so why should I have to feel bad

when that’s all you’ve made Me feel?


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