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it would happen to me most often as a child when sleeping over my grandparents' house in the red room,   as my sleeping and waking minds met, I knew myself to be elsewhere--
Sometimes I just want to wrap myself in poetry. Curl into a ball so small you hardly notice as you pass by. Curl up inside the stanzas Cozily cocooned in imagery Allow myself to be swallowed by it
I was alone in the silence, As planets spun around me. I'm alseep. I was alone in the violence, As bullets fly around me. I'm asleep. I was alone in the quiet. Thoughts feel heavy.
The scariest part of being alone is liking your empty home. It’s a double edged blade made of security and pain, it’s depressions bed at three am, it’s saying “i’m okay with this.”
I fell asleep and dreamed a dream With vivid, bright, familiar scenes And someone new, I knew before But I'm unsure just what this means - I burst awake, with pounding pulse
You were only sitting about two or three rows ahead of me, but it was still close enough for me to tell
Snubbed, uninvited, and salty was she Feeling like a nobody, filled with vengeance, Ready to spill the fateful sentence Maleficent said, looking evil and clever
Last night, my eyes were heavy;I was having trouble sleeping again,The room so dark I could not see,My skin raw, itching, and paper thin,
        Once Upon a Time…                         The only son of a King and his Queen was cursed,                         His fate sealed by the cruel hand of a dark fairy.
Feeling like nodding off  Prop my feet up  Taking a load off    Tired of reading my book  Heavy eyelids no longer look  Saliva ooze to droop    Worn out to the bone 
This is a found poem from page 261 of Laurie Halse Anderson's 'Wintergirls': I find silence In a single shadow I wake up I'm dreaming The flickering shadows Open my eyes
The waking world I’ve realized Is limited And can’t surprise   The busy, buzzing Mind inside
Say those four last words Quiet Allow your breath to hit her neck  And allow her to feel your arms around her Tightly Are you going to say them? Go on “It’s time for bed”
It’s 2 am in the morning
A tempest,  a hasty knock,  swept away, planks and branches, drenched by a collapsing sight.  There's only one window to pass through for an airplane to crash onto, for sleet, for icebergs,
Waiting for change, chances aren't worth taking. Waiting for answers, the future is still in the making. Change. A word that requires action. Struggle. Fighting the distractions. Step. Step. One foot in front of the other.
All I want is my sleep and nothing moreSleeping takes me to another worldSometimes real life is a bore
she breaths quiety sleeping soundly upon swead cushions comfortable and peaceful
While you were sleeping, I slipped away. I was told to never trust a flatterer; unfortunately an enchanter is who came along 
The girl who slept in class seemed to not care the words that were being spoken and the lines that were being taught but did you ever see  that girl outside of class?  
As she walksShe walks on stoneCold, hard stone sending shivers up her spine   As she jumpsShe jumps in slow motionClaiming the air as her own  
My heart sank with his visage in sight
i think you think that my favorite way to sleep is with your long and lanky arms hugging me from behind and youre thin, muscular legs making a mess with mine. let me say, though, 
He lays there alone in his crib His eyes flutter shut And he sleeps   Alone in his crib with a blanket over his feet And he sleeps dreaming of the future  
It started with a sharp point and a pink ball on the other side. My thoughts wonder wonderously as the minute hand laps the hour hand. As my heart synced with the clicking of the clock's minutes so did my hand to my heart and mind.
Student: Thump, tap, scratch, groan,                 Clock sounding ticking tock ticking.                 Sigh, glance, slouch, count,                 Steps and monotonous lectures.
There always comes that time of day, when you want to sleep your life away. Especially at the end of school, on the desk lies a puddle of drool. The teachers want to gripe and complain,
I've never been afraid of the dark, you see I embraced it always, never wanting to wait to close my eyes. Night was when I'd visit my friends, night was when I'd go home to them,
My mind wanders to the peeling paint To the bleeding stars in the night sky My eyes scan the bland nothingness My lips murmur to the silence There's soft music in the darkness An entire concert in my ear
The morning comes, And the feeling of you next to me dispels. How cruel my mind is to me; It made me believe, That the dream of you Sleeping next to me, Was reality. I could have sworn
And as the universe drifts off to sleep light is cast upon the back of her eyelids. Sand-sculpted images of Compassion are illuminated as slumber pries at the edges of reality and all sinks down into Dreamland.
I am lost in the expanse of the night sky. Forever wandering amongst the beacons of light that fill this endless Cartographer's Dream. Waking only to forget what I have learned.
I plunged into a deep slumber. My spine completely relaxed, Limp and useless. My bones evaporate, Leaving my body a floppy suit of skin. Sinking deep into the mattress,
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