Just Let Me Sleep

Fri, 07/21/2017 - 15:21 -- davis

Feeling like nodding off 

Prop my feet up 

Taking a load off 


Tired of reading my book 

Heavy eyelids no longer look 

Saliva ooze to droop 


Worn out to the bone 

Yawn, sprawl, stretch 

My mouth moans 


Lying by body frozen 

Sinking, relaxing, dozin' 

Soon I'll be snoozin' 


Dreams begin to unhaze 

Washing over with glaze 

Sleep seeps deep into R.E.M 


Stress free, so close, so comfort- 

And still so suddenly 


"RING and DING!" 

The wake up call. 


Dynamic I panic 

My eyes slide striking 


Spirit awaking 

"Now I am up......... shit."



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