My mind wanders to the peeling paint

To the bleeding stars in the night sky

My eyes scan the bland nothingness

My lips murmur to the silence

There's soft music in the darkness

An entire concert in my ear

There are lines painted by the simple

Trace of my finger in the air

There are adventures to be had!

There is art to be made!

How can I toil and create

In this blanket-cocoon of a bed?

So sometimes I sit and think of school

How it's almost over and the end's coming soon

Sometimes I sit and think of the past

Regrets and laughter, tests and fun

All of the years that went by so fast

But night is not the time for nostalgic sighs

Not the time to ponder lost and lingering ties

So I will sit here and squint at the words in my book

Maybe scribble these thoughts across the wall

Maybe write up a song and sing to myself

And hum with the stars 'till the sunlight breaks

The stillness, the calm; the annoying wakefulness

That colors the pages a stunning fiery orange

The burning colors of the dawning sun

That wash out my room of the dark gloom

Another night spent avoiding some sleep

Maybe I dream so much in the day

Sleep eludes me at night

Or maybe I just can't shut down for a few

So I guess I'll just

Yeah, just..

Lay here


And watch the world get painted in light

Hear the bugs and birds come to life

But that's the morning and it is still night

And tonight I lay here with idle distractions

A book or a pencil, a glimmering roof over my head

And tomorrow, well


Maybe I will put this book down but

Tonight, these fictional characters need me, alright?

My body is tired, sinking into the bed

My thoughts keep surging, keep me up at night

Too many inquiries running through my head

My body is tired

My will is weak

I just can't find the urge

The strength to close my eyes

And fall asleep


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