On Waking Up

I've never been afraid of the dark,
you see I embraced it always,
never wanting to wait to close my eyes.
Night was when I'd visit my friends,
night was when I'd go home to them,
night was when I wouldn't feel alone.
I'd close my eyes, holding my breath,
anxious to meet Mr. Colinix again.
Such a friendly man he was.
I remember dancing with him,
like Cinderella, only more beautiful.
He always made me feel beautiful.
He'd lift me up in the air,
my sparkling gold dress twirling around me.
Laughing, he spun me, tangling me
with the trails of my skirt's train.
And we shimmered together under the lights
of that brightly lit ballroom
within the palace of Queen Alexandiacia
and the good and fair King Coronoxus
Oh how they loved to watch me dance
I was always a welcome guest, in fact,
a lady in waiting to Princess Arienelra.
She'd dance beside me and Mr. Colinix
with her prince Wifrendo the entire night.
Through the stained glass windows,
the moon would set, little by little,
the peaking it's way over the horizon.
When the bright enemy finally arrived,
I knew my time was over, too soon.
I would try to excuse myself, keeping my grace,
while inside all I wanted to do was dance again.
The king and queen would then beg me to stay,
telling me that there was a place in the castle for me.
The princess would clasp my hands then,
telling me I shouldn't go, that the day is never right
without me by here side, her best friend.
I'd decline kindly, reminding her that I'd be back,
that I couldn't be away, awake, for long.
It was then that Mr. Colinix would fall to one knee,
asking me to marry him, to stay with him,
night and day, to never leave his side,
to dance in the palace with him,
until death to we part, not sunrise.
I'd smile sadly at him, knowing he asked last night,
knowing he would ask tomorrow and everyday hence.
I'd shake my head and kiss his cheek,
bidding him farewell, reminding him I'd see him
once my friend the moon began it's rise.

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