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Sometimes I don’t want to think I don’t want to blink I don’t want to imagine I don’t want to be seen
You think your power is in your bones But it is truly in the heart Fear shall corrupt you And I say, I say! I am innocent My Lifeblood you shed You think you hold The Key that will force
I do not have a voice today. It's been slowly fading over three days, a horror, because my opinions are loud.   It's been slowly fading-- that respect I know I deserve--
  All power means Is Pointless Oppression Without Even Respect I am powerless But that’s what makes my actions powerful  
The world is so loud sometimes you have to step back and listen for hope
I want to scream screech loud and ugly as a parrot I want to be heavy fat immense so that I make an imprint, an impact on everything I want to be so tall I can't see my feet anymore
I am quiet most of the time. I just stare and think. My words get frozen within my lungs. And I believe my thoughts are deadly. People tend to ask me, "why are you so quiet?"
This is a tide coming into the beach Only we all know in the next six hours  It will down us out as Tsunamis do.  Every little piece of home we ever clung to Wiped out to start anew. 
Leaves crumple under my feet as my eyes are fogged by my layered tears. I’m walking under the brightest street lights, but still feeling completely in the
     No One Will Hold Me Down No One. No One. no one Let Me Say This Once More No One Will Hold Me Down  Not Even My Own Mother Who Do They Think I Am? I Can Do Anything
I believe that many say, time changes It molds, grows, shapes, scrapes, You  I, with tired limbs, heavy eyes, a crazy sleep schedule
i. you're cold. two cats on your lap. a dog at your side. messages awaiting on your phone it's not plugged in.  you aren't plugged in. please be okay. how are things going?
Once she was yours..., She had lost, she had cried, She do care, she do trust, She was tired, she was trying, Everytime,Everyday....,
I AM YELLING Can she hear me? Can she see the words falling out my mouth? Can she see the tears pooling at my feet, can she feel the tension as my fingers crack, as my lungs seem to give out. I AM YELLING
I am not hurting; My curse was the chance of anyone finding out. Finding out what I thought.  Scared that my own thoughts, that knocked louder than any fist,  would be heard. 
My own silence most terrifies me While freedom is my savior We must close our eyes Rise above the noise And speak louder than blockades I need my voice to say no I need my voice in highs and lows
You always want to talk about who I was        Who I used to be A little girl with crooked pigtails (I liked bright pony tail holders) And a nose buried in books
STOP! NO! LEAVE ME ALONE! I scream to you I beg you from my knees I make so much noise I cry and plead I plead to the gods the lords the people the demons the angels and you  And you all ignored me 
I am loud in the presence of my brother But when it comes to the outside world I am quiet. I am soft. I am too quiet to Be noticed and not enough to be remembered I can remember the moments that took your breath
No need for the things we think we require No need to think we don’t have enough The world around is ever changing And things may never be so rough
Some people call it being rude Some people call it being exaggerative I call it being OUTSPOKEN   People say it's annoying People say it's unnecessary I say WHO CARES  
  In my mind, there is never sleep Thoughts are what create I want to be loud Louder than I am And I am loud I wish people could feel my love Without misinterpreting it
Close your eyes and count to ten relax your mind and soon you will be you again no longer frustrated but a glimpse of hope
"Speak up!" They say, "You're too quiet."
Heavy expectation, brings on mental exacerbation, searching for demonstrations, to lead this tired wayward nation,   Brought on by many cases, of tasteful vs. tasteless,
We started with a "hey" We ended in "good bye" You left me on the floor Pretending I'm fine But you left me out to dry And all you had were lies I think about you everyday
We live in the same house Eat at different hours
I thought it was a thing but it was just a fling,truely it was games played by a player. Thought I made myself clear about trust being dear.
My fingers have froze the tips are bleeding a gentle stream of flowing red blood. Everything I love is slowly fading away or frozen in time within my mind.
Listen to the Tik Tik Tik Tik Tok BeeBop Drip Drop Ring Ring Banana Phone! Tipping at the tip-top of a High drop off the Grand canyon of sky Beebockety pop
Screaming at the top of your lungsBlasting the speakers all the way upEvery emotion in every songIt's impossible to get enoughMelodies of understandingLyrics sing the truthMusic filled with feeling
The heart-wrenching news you tell me nowadays  Is stored in the latched box of my distant mind; it decays Into my deepest and darkest ponders, And upon reminder is where this distraction wanders.  
We are undefined by words alone, the ones who stand, the rolling stones. They will say stand out in a crowd and try something newBut heaven forbid that you actually do.
Do you know the difference? It's your new-found lack of interest   The way we used to speak,  About this life,  That romantic time at Miller creek, You made me feel so much alive,
Every thought. Every dream, every hope, every fear unheard- silently hidden within one's self. A soft, slow grumble tumbling up and courageously out- voiced through lead and chalk, ink and paper. No longer a thought.
Before ink spat from my pen... It was like a life with no love,a heartbeat with no blood,yet it came to me slapping!Yelling!Beating!Tearing my ears open with suchfreedom.
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