My Form is True and Real,


My form is true and real, my life as clear as the sky and sea,

My inner shell, shows one without a wit and clue to have, lies and facts are one and true.

My words and speech are without a sense, adherents are not but ants, woe to my head and shame.

My beliefs and faith are without a right, I march and sing like a soldier true, never a second doubt.

My lungs are as strong as a bull, my speech reaching the heavens and hells like no other.

My voice is clear and true, mortar and bombs could never roar a sound farther than me.

My shadows and cloaks are of shallow ears, no secret is safe from me, my voice betrays the betrayers.

My word is honest and golden with weight as strong as a bell, all secrets flow from my lips with no spur.

My loyalty is of royalty, men and women never fear my heart’s betrayal.

My ears are always deaf, when the time comes to learn, never hearing the warnings and advice I hear.

My heart is a believer, of things grand and small, with no salt to have on the words I hear, no question.

My eyes refuse to see, heart and sight blind as can be, the clues as broad as a barn, yet the mind knows

My honesty has never been a fear, yet to those who’ve felt my serpent bite, hearts will bleed.

My nature is to be, a liar and a cheat, and though no one needed my antivenom, the truth is hard.

My trust is a virus, everyone receives, but in the end of the night, you’ll be broken in tears.

My venom is severe, I’m a coward and a cheat, young ladies do beware, your heart will be broken.

So brace yourselves, one and all, I make no bones about myself, and though my person is bad,

I shall never hide my true form. I am a silly clown, I make no frowns or cries about it, for it is true,

I shall never pipe down my organ playing, for the roar of my voice knows no bounds, not here or then,

I shall never disown those close to me, my loyalty is a guarantee, for despite it all, the man I am is true,

I shall forge my self once more, and the ole serpent within, must shed his flesh, and become noble born.

This is my form, one and true, not a filter or screen to hide behind, and I make no bones about it.

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