Marvelously Me



In the interior of me is my personality  
Making me fabulously flawed
The pieces that make "me" all agree
I am wonderfully wild
And marvelously me
There is only one "me" and I do it perfectly 
With my loveable laugh,
Huggable heart,
And versatile voice,
I am altogether nicely noisy 
I have quite the arsenal of spontaneous sound
For both small and grand occasions 
I manage to remain meticulously modulated 
And tactfully thunderous
So as not to frighten anyone around
My friends call me volcanically vocal
And my larynx does not beg to differ
Outrageously obstreperous I will forever be
Utilizing my fantastic foghorn 
Passionately penetrating the air until it reaches its potential 
I love to imagine and dream and discover 
I am an adventurously audible sound connoisseur 
Charging into battles, courageously clamorous
With nothing to lose
Becoming a dynamically dissonant forerunner 
I am so brilliantly bold in this splendid little way
Radiantly resonant, starring in the sound's ballet 
Bright, kinetic, chic, inspiring 
It is so extraordinary to be so beautifully boisterous 
Yesterday, tomorrow, yet undoubtedly today
I am sophisticatedly shameless
No I'll never turn down the chance
To be wild and bold and free
I am so lavishly loud
And marvelously me!
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