You think your power is in your bones

But it is truly in the heart

Fear shall corrupt you

And I say, I say!

I am innocent

My Lifeblood you shed

You think you hold The Key that will force

These words out.

But lis'n!

What you hold over me is not a threat

My face shall be upon you eyes

As you sleep at night

For it is an escape

For you Don't know;

You cannot kill me in a way that matters!

For my words shall continue forever

And the MEMORY of me

Will tell strength to those souls

Who find them here too.


There is NO lonelier achievement

I say!

Than to have all power of the world

For haven't you heard?

Many people speak of the fight of darkness and light it isn't true,

They work TOGETHER.

And as your screams die and fade out soon

The wind shall still whisper my name...


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