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YOU DON'T DIE You don't die until your visions  perished, and you never perished until your dreams dies. Successful life voyage the ocean of goal. #c9_fm
PASSION When passion take over your heart, and if you do what you have to, thangs will go well. Prosperity begins by being passionate toward a set goal.
SUCCESS Success and failure are siblings of same goal, but what really diversify them is: Failure keeps hold,
GOAL "Setting a goal is like showing seed the wider it grows more it yield." #c9_fm
GOAL Goal is like cultivating a farmstead, more it's nurtured more chances of Achievement warranted. #c9_fm
No past failure ever stops you from Moving on again. Today try improving your skills in order to enhance your chances of Winning, life ends when we halt dreaming.
Absolutely a lover man, ain't a player, somethang must kill a man, from the heart of c9fm reaching out boom brother LilTunechi balling better man.
Sea shell at the bottom of the wave water crashing down forcing it to be brave as the watchers sit at the beach one decides to take a leap a step into the wave to save that shell
Goal, wait for me there... Gonna strive so hard for you. Promise! I'll reach you.
Who will you become? A doctor, a lawyer, a nun A man, a woman, or none   What will you do? Watch Hulu, write the truth, or teach the youth
You taught me that To deal with a disaster is to  let it go to deal with the feeling of losing control to stop thinking about the inevitable. To deal with a disaster is to be brave
Dear Purpose, I am searching for you. Day by day I walk by my mirror. Side glances and momentary looks judge my exterior. Day by day life gets more monotonous.
Hope's door is closing Seeing you crossing The door is closer As you are demising Other side the mirror The girl is abiding As she gets reminded, so she is glazing
“X” Marks The Spot   I wandered aimlessly lost at sea... This jungle of a world has mislead me like a hex.
On the fifteenth day Of April, Of the eighteenth year, Lay my motivation To rub dry tears from my eyes And have a great day.
Everyone talks about being real But it seems like The things that are real to them Are new cars, posting statuses, horny rap artists, bright lights, and mobile devices All these 'real' things
There were no tears or excitement Just an unfeeling creature who pretended not too understand The severity of this life changing event
I am young, hungry, ambitious I am Yond Cassius I crave success I relish challenge I have bark I have bite I am the tip of the ice berg The edge of a knife The start of something great
See that Girl, over there? Her witty words, and messed up hair. that Girl is a diamond, brighter than the sun Her heart is pure, and loves everyone one that Girl's mind, creative, never dull
I am alone, and the journey’s long, can’t figure out what’s right, what’s wrong. Messed-up, cluttered my thoughts, they race across my mind. The road is rough, the path  not tread,
If I can say I've travelled Far and wide   Slipt through The fingers of My enemies   And supported Ships who Are my friends
Word after word
If I could change one thing, it would be to have something more. To come home to a house with an open door. To have a place to call our own. To not sound to gready to want to have a home.
The sound of laughter Helped me realize my dream. I want to save lives.
"Tell the story of your life, and tell it well," they said.
Consecutive steps toward the threshold Yet 10 miles from the desired goal. Am I too fast or Is life too slow?   Reaching pinnacles ironically by hillsides Rather than conquering skyscrapers
The                  truth about my life Is that I am unsure.                  You could say that I have the Pursuit                  of getting my college degree, a job,
 She grows in a special pot.Made of wires and fear.Commonly broken and torn through.But always put back in her place.She's cared for and dusted,Her eyes behind the glass box,Sees a world she can never touch,And a world that will never touch her.Sh
Is this the end? Or just the end of the beginning, The path in front of me seems infinite, The more I run, the longer it extends. Yet I can not stop because my heart wills it. The pain and the agony,
Life is filled with choices Which may be influenced by voices About financial aid and college courses Only lends to the soreness   College is purely optional But without it where can you go
Loss of a brotherHow can one forget?Video games and wrestlingGone in a sec.BrotherMy dear brotherI miss youMom did tooYou're in a better placeFar passed space.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sit in your seats, For you are about to read a great play, Of nothing but deceit: We push the people we don’t understand, We drown in our sorrows, Yet extend our helping hand,
Violets are blue Roses are red He fled higher than me Then he's probably dead But then again He's in a better place So no worries I'll be the one To take your place So now you’re gone
Do you think avoiding me will make things better? You should know by now, I’m a real go-getter I’ll be who I am- screw tradition I’m a woman, on a mission I’m a huntress, and you’re the buck I’m having for dinner
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