Paralleling Speeds


Consecutive steps toward the threshold

Yet 10 miles from the desired goal.

Am I too fast or

Is life too slow?


Reaching pinnacles ironically by hillsides

Rather than conquering skyscrapers

Seems grand in general accomplishment.

Seedlings that gradually blossom

Face tailwinds uncharted through the storms

Dividing the great and the greater.

So what is to brightly manifest and

What shall keep camoflagued near stones?


Can a subtle stare be a driving notion?

Rally bulls with the kick of a hoof, the puff of a snarl,

Attract snakes in midst of a hiss, the slither of disguise.

Joyous is the motivator, actions backboning liberty;

Verbal cues are the backdrop of a lost battle cry

Once known to the shotgun's blast,

Once known to the General's demand.


Colorful trek to masterpiece,

But 10 brushstrokes until completion.

Is inspiration too fast

Or is contour too slow?


Those one-sided infatuations:

Are they of physical fancy, extreme obsessiveness,

Or is this longing breathing on mutual trust?

Turtle inside emotionless shell: difficulty

To interpret unfamiliar displays.

He is unlearnt of such romance,

Too shy for contact with a harmonious red robin's song.


Even stanzas of wisdom must end,

But 10 words away.

Is learning too fast

Or is teaching too slow?


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