Depths of Hiding

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 17:42 -- neece




Hiding-behind the curtain as if love lay lying there

hiding in the depths of the curtain so no one can stare

at thy face and body of flaws

upon every pigmentation of bruises and scars

i feel inside out

my outsides in--flated

and my hearts broken into two places


My tendons tearing and my mind doesn't mind anymore

and i hope my mind can be intimate soon

because into mates is overplayed

and intimidate is in every day today


Hiding behind the curtain seems only fair

if love lay lying there

maybe love can share and be there for me

repair tendons of my broken heart that seem to escapate

after every escape i'm giving

love is blind thats why the curtain is my blindfold and respiration

so when love finds love lying there

we’ll both be blind to the intimate mind touch of fear.. to love

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