Why I need to fulfill my goals


Loss of a brother
How can one forget?
Video games and wrestling
Gone in a sec.
My dear brother
I miss you
Mom did too
You're in a better place
Far passed space.
It'll be 3 years since your death
December 15th
I'll never forget

Mom, where are you?
We need you here
You left us before graduation
And in a sad situation
March 14th, 2013
You met your untimely death

Grandma is crazy
She doesn't know who I am
She knows my face
Not my name
Demensia has taken her memories
I look at her,
She's wrinkly and old
Full of love
With no shame

Dad left
If you only knew
He had a mistress
Right before you
Mom, when you passed
He slept in another bed
Most likely the next night
Abandoning his kids
Blowing your money
On that broad and her kids

War broke out
We're in a family feud
With out parents
I'm orphaned
But not alone
For I have my sisters
And my strength
Education will aid me
To get me away
Far from this place
Where pain stays

Money's tight
Motivation is high
I want to better my self
College is my way out


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