' 'Abuse' 'toxic relationships’; depression ; imagery ; love

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    The time came… when our eyes no longer smiled,     as we did at Table 26.   Nor as we laughed…      when the rain called us to flee 
He's done things I keep hidden to myself and I've done things I hide from myself too... I'm torn He reminds me of everything I left and never wanted to go back to
Love is just a transaction, that we're all physically connected. We present the correct set of pleasing qualities,  and BOOM!!
By night on my bed I sought her whom my soul loveth: I sought her, but I found her not.   I will rise now
A love that consumes you Makes you feel alive And gives you peace  Gives you reason not to die Makes you have hope for the future  And makes you content with your past
Verse 1 She glows like sunshine Dancing in the atmosphere   She melts your heart Whenever she’s near  
His looks made my feet cold Whenever he says my name, i get goosebumps The height of whom have been dreaming of But his heart not for me! It hurt more than a stab
YOU HEAT ME UP You know you're exactly the way I like: thick and juicy 😋 You're truly ass-matic ma' fantastically endowed
When the sunsets all I want to feel the breeze through my hair Running through the waves All I want to feel you through my skin
I deserve love I deserve respect  I deserve positive attention  I deserve love  I deserve respect 
I Don’t Believe You   I’m Sorry (I don’t believe you)   Seriously I Am (I don’t believe you)  
I wonder what is the purpose of us Of you and I and the sparks that ignite at the mere touch of our lips Of the golden years that brought us closer marked by your desire left on my hips
  Burnt & Worn Out   We are one in the same You are the burn and I victim to place the blame   With arms extended
Coy, bashful, shy, a loner, that's how was I before I knew you After we told our truths I was unsure but ecstatic
Coy, bashful, shy, a loner, that's how was I before I knew you After we told our truths I was unsure but ecstatic
Today I learned what it means to be strong. How to do the hard right over the easy wrong. To hold my head high While releasing a smile to the sky. Learning to believe in myself again
                        ⒹⓄⓅⒶⓂⒾⓃⒺ   For I want the ideal numbness, I covet to live in a world watered down with dopamine.  An unconscious mind suffers better than a distraught one that waits for the right time. 
nothing matters but green anymore   a color that you dreaded and dreamt of a color that haunted your dreams now brings you a joy that you have not felt in a long time  
I love you like a brother that’s it and that’s all. I’ve spent a few days wondering what to say to you and just can’t muster up the courage to tell you this. 
i wish we had never met, i wish we had never kissed, never fucked, i wish i had never taken your hand in mine, i wish i had never given you a ring,
do you feel my brush strokes as i spread the paint across this page my art comes in words and my heart comes in pieces Because of you.
never again will i trust anyone who dares tell me “i’ll never leave” you are all damn liars time i will never get back
A bullet to my brain I just didn’t feel the pain And I definitely didn’t know
My heart burns when I'm alone Emotions grow stiff like a stone. I look out at a sea of tethered hearts Wishing to experience the more intimate parts. The holding of ones hands or the softness of your lips
I loved him. I loved him more than I would ever love. Afterall, he had raised me. But once that golden liquid made its way into his brain, a numb merciless heart replaced the kind one I had grown fond of.
With freckles on your cheeks Or scar on your knee With big yellow jacket  Or suede skirt
To my boyfriend- I don’t want your hands on me, I don’t want you to touch my curves
Love like Thornes and RosesVera her mother called her,Her beauty so pure yet no man has ever managed to posses her.I asked a man whose watched her grow up why her hearts still on the shelf,
Hard to breathe Weird to touch Acting normal Thinking too much   Trying hard To figure out Moving forward Engulfed in doubt  
  People ask me                                                                       
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