For I want the ideal numbness, I covet to live in a world watered down with dopamine. 

An unconscious mind suffers better than a distraught one that waits for the right time. 

Why vow down when you can fly? 

Why dance when you can reach the sky?

I pray to forget, yet I can’t seem to erase the memories out of my mind. 

Truth or dare, both brought me to the same destination. 

I sought comfort in my humiliation

I thought this would bring me out of your occupations. 

Instead be a priority, not another one of your obligations. 

For to this, it seems I’m a substitute. 

A prostitute. 

A defective toy to play with for a good hour and ignore for the next two. 

That’s what I am, aren’t I?

This toxic dopamine traps me tight and that’s perfect, I want to reach that high, and skirt away from your hold... at least for a night

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