With freckles on your cheeks

Or scar on your knee

With big yellow jacket 

Or suede skirt

With bristles that prick

interrupting a jealous kiss


Load and impatient 

Or quiet as a mouse

Reading you as a book 

Or solving sudoku


Heart is a stream of water

That you carefully filling with a sieve

Slipping through my fingers

You playing hide and seek again


Leaving notes-bread crumbs in the memory 

So I could meet you  in the middle of the thicket

Touch spire of eyelashes and chace, chace 


Sometimes you choose to stay

Minutes for years pass

While my roots grow through your shell

Buds opening slowly 

Heralding the beginning of the spring


They whisper that maybe this time

We could hold you here

But you choose the moment

Like a kid that is stealing candies from the top shelve 

Shedding your skin, you rush forward


I’m tired of seeking 

Maybe a cup of coffee?

One day?


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