modern myth poetry slam

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If in our modern world Zeus did currently live With his member unfurled Much child support would he give It makes me sick  That without much thought He used his stick And STDs he got  
it is the treasures of love that often fool conceled, conceited, always too cruel.   on the path of meloncholia, the lonely traveler stumbles upon a house  made of ivory and honey.
Unloved by their mother, father and seemingly the rest of the world. Innocent children are shoved into group homes and split apart.
her lips were a bloody crimson, calling attention in the dim light of crowded dance floor.  [her dress was hellfire, scorching those who got too close]  her voice was soft, husky
her lips were a bloody crimson,calling attention in the dim lightof crowded dance floor. [her dress was hellfire, scorching those who got too close]   her voice was soft, husky
There was a boy who had it quite nice But then one day he fell asleep And awoke to a beep beep beep His heart stopped not once but twice   He realized his hands were as cold as ice
Alarm rings; It’s time to wake up. I view myself in the mirror. Why can’t I look better?   My head is a war zone.
The old gods were so used to being the center of attention but these days they receive almost none. Oh, how they try and fail to stay relevant in an age where we no longer need the sun.
Walking, hurting, body aching facing demons  in a quest Trials and  trials continue approaching each on reeks of death   Through each trial a voice is heard
To suffer To suffer alone in this hell My brothers have their own brides To care for them and to stand by their side I was casted away, seen as bitter It’s not easy being a god
Hestia the goddess of the hearth roams the world these days. Looking for a home to reside in that isn't torn  apart by divorce. Loss of a loved one strives for comfort, but not when the lover
Fair as snowy days Brunette beauty Hair falls to her face Delicately drifting to waves. Children boast about goodies But she, an expressive rookie
How sickly sweet is my lover A sinful candy, pink like her lips that soothe my questioning mind  
I can feel her Here with me Weeping on the floor  I feel her hand on my shoulder Artemis wipes my tears  Hera holds my hand  The world is a haze But they are clear 
Long ago the Greeks had their gods and goddesses Thought to be long forgotten to the sands of time But they’re still very much alive. Dethroned from Mount Olympus
Narcissus sits, waits Two minutes have gone by now Post has no likes   
The Legend of the Illimani and Mururata,  a story of mountains in which, takes place in the middle of the Andes, in a country divided by mountains,  Bolivia.   The Legend goes as follows,
As children we’re taught the myth of Hercules, The mythical powers of Zeus, Athena’s legendary insights, Aphordite’s love tales,  And poor Orpheus’ plight.
“will you marry me, Hera?” “no means no, Zeus. i’ve seen how you are with other girls and i’m not interested.” he smiled at her
Olympus is a state with all of its power Zeus at the throne, civilians hide and cower He is our president, executive decisions with ease
Women are right to fear the dark.   This is what they learn — Through gentle warnings, Whispered words —
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