The light Of His Heart

To suffer

To suffer alone in this hell

My brothers have their own brides

To care for them and to stand by their side

I was casted away, seen as bitter

It’s not easy being a god

God of a mega empire, where souls go to slave

Where death is at its best.


I was a simple guy

I always had women around me

Looking for someone powerful, but alas

I wish to find someone different

One who won’t use me for power or status


My youngest brother is having a banquet

For what? I don’t remember

I didn’t care to go but I must, for its family

Family who I barely see but still accept me


In my finest suit I drove all the way to the hills

It’s bright and cheery

My place is so dark and cold

It’s a reflection I suppose


I made my way to the door

Everyone was in celebration

I don’t understand why

I climbed the stairs to the heavens

My family’s laughter ringing my ear


I was greeted with a drink

A gentlemen’s drink, how fitting

Sipping in my sorrows I peered at the crowd

Lively little bunch, the room look small with how much they shined

Honestly it disgusted me, I could never shine



Hold on

Who is this I see?

An angel?

She looks so sad

Is it because she’s here?

I felt a strange feeling in my stomach

What is going on?

I looked at the little nymph a second time

She’s different, I feel it!

I just wish to save her from this hell


I looked away, she’s probably taken

Sitting down I continue sipping away

I can’t dwell on these feelings


My brother Zeus started snickering

I ignored him, he’s always trouble


As I chatted away with the fellow wives I peered into the crowd

I noticed Gaia talking to the beauty, offering her a drink.

If dear mother earth knows her then maybe I have a chance to see her again


The night went by like The River Styx

Gods off their heads, enjoying the sweet nectar

I wished my farewells to my family and walked out


I left the gates and heard a commotion

Looking around I noticed two figures

I came closer and saw my little nymph

Someone is trying to take her

I walked closer, filled with anger

The pig noticed me and ran

I went to check on the poor soul

She seemed delirious, incoherent

I can’t leave her here, to be ruined

I took her to my domain

Looking over at her sleeping form I was right

She is beautiful

She will be my queen


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