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As children we’re taught the myth of Hercules,

The mythical powers of Zeus,

Athena’s legendary insights,

Aphordite’s love tales, 

And poor Orpheus’ plight.

Then we are told none of it is real, 

That it is apart of ancient Greek spiels


But we have to understand 

Though Mount Olympus may stand still

It isn’t some big hill

Sometimes it buzzes with life,

Giving us signs that 

The times haven’t been all correct 

Something is up there


Maybe it's wind

It’s actually the great Greek Gods are alive and well.

They’re still here with us

Just not as big

They are a hundred times smaller than when they began.


You can tell by their presence, 

Look at that girl screaming for her rights,

It’s Athena’s justice coursing through her veins.

Take a peek right there, 

Yes, take a whiff, Dionysus' strong wine smell in the air.

He’s leaning on the counter laughing along 

Pushing up that cup to that mans mouth, one more sip couldn’t hurt, it’s all good.


And well wouldn't you know,

It's Persphone and her mother in the field

She’s growing flowers, Her mother growing grain

Don’t forget Hades grumpy demeanor  

As he waits for Persephone arrival in the underworld. 

Though he waits for his wife in his free time, He walks around Wall Street

Allowing stocks to grow; maybe he’ll make them fall all over again who knows.


Then there’s Hera where is she?

She’s with that old married couple by that tree. 

She smiles with pride for making this one work,

‘Who else would need saving’ She thinks with a smirk.

She heads up to the heavens to enjoy her peace, she’ll come back to earth for a drink.


Now that brings us to our story 

After our epilogues fights

A classic one too:

It's the story of Apollo 

One* of his many unrequited loves,

*(the first one in fact)

Daphne and the Laurel tree. 


Apollo was on air after his fight

He won an Agamid thus allowing his pride grow bigger than the sun

Chatting with Eros the son of Aphrodite and Ares

Apollo allowed himself to brag as he told his tale of gaining victory

Quietly questioning Eros’ abilities. 

“You aren't that strong” Apollo pondered out loud,


“What can you do? Genuinely, other than set people up making them fall in love instantly,”

“You really are useless, I’m filled with great pity.” 

“I can shoot arrows like you Apollo; maybe just better”


Eros being the son of Ares wasn't going to let this slide

He laughed along with Apollo’s big head

“Maybe my powers will do something instead”


So he set off for the highest point running into Daphne while he thought of revenge

Suddenly it struck him in the head. 

He walked up to Daphne, promising he won’t make a move

And talked down about Apollo til it ruined her mood

“He sounds horrible; I will avoid him at all costs.”


“Perfect darling, what a wonderful jost”

Then he approached Apollo once more

Apollo still laughing at his horrible joke

“Oh Apollo you must hear, there’s this girl I met I think she's the one for you, just listen.”

And Apollo grew in love with her under Eros’ spell

“I must meet this girl, who is this bell?”

Eros smirked and looked about “Oh, I can’t do that she’s like your sister, promised off.”


“Ha! That won't stop me, I’ll get her off!”

“Now tell me her name good sir, I absolutely must.”

And with a sneer Eros whispered 

“Daphne”in his ear

 And wandered off but without calling “She’s the daughter of Peneus, they live by the water.”

Apollo thanked him not noticing he was falling harder. 


Daphne was worried about Apollo’s crazy schemes

Following her everywhere no peace from the thing

She was beginning to wonder how Apollo found her

But many men started to approach her and disgusts held her tight

She began to beg her father to save her from this nightmare

But as she finished her sentence 

Apollo appeared once more

He held flowers in one hand

His phone in the other,

 Shaking from nervousness and blush spread across his cheeks

“Oh please Daphne go out with me.”


And that's when Daphne had lost her final straw

For weeks men and Apollo begging her

They all wanted one thing 

Her pureness and innocence she couldn't take it

So after she rejected him she headed to the water

And took her own life only for her father

To find her dead body on the ground

He mourned the loss of his daughter


News got out that Daphne was dead

Apollo had become lost in his head

His first true love departed

“Peneus do something for me instead”

In the end they buried her body and planted a seed

The seed, they claim, it was for a tree

They named it Laurel 

After Daphne.

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