broken hearted

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I yearn for you, even though im not supposed to. For some reason i have this misconstrued thought  that because i have healed from that pain, i cant go back just to feel it once more.
My mother warned me, About the drugs on the streets. But never the ones with hazel eyes,                and a heartbeat.
You were my Joker,I was your Harley,We kicked it together,Being chased by that stupid Bats on our date nights.
I am so over things being aesthetically pleasing. I am so over someone choosing one thing over another because they think it is more beautiful. We are all culprits. But since when is symmetry all that we care about?
I'm feeling so real But truth and lies Are one and the same On fair-weathered or Rainy days including Bonus clouds and all Murkiness is always extra Grayness is never free or
To the girl that broke my heart..... I gave you everything I could, My world revolved around you, I did my best to make you happy..... I may have failed most of the time, But now you're the reason I cannot be happy, Every relationship I've had sin
Loving One who Never Even Looks at You
I remember sitting in your floor,  A pizza box between us, and a pillow fort behind.   We were talking, and I wanted to touch your hair, It looked so soft.   It was, 
You use to look at me the way you look at her, and I use to love it,  Like I use to love you, but now I just miss you.   It's was easier to stop loving you,  Than it is to stop missing you,
He had haunting light brown eyes,
I am so mad at myself for what I have just done.  broke a heart, I took a life, I stole a soul. The heart I broke was that of m loves, and the life i took the same.
My heart is spilling out like the tears on my face, there is so much doubt because of all this space. I used to always pray for you then soon enough i gave up, and i hoped you did too 
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