Sat, 04/09/2016 - 15:33 -- Aerial

I'm feeling so real

But truth and lies

Are one and the same

On fair-weathered or

Rainy days including

Bonus clouds and all

Murkiness is always extra

Grayness is never free or

Without pain with which to grow by

Which brings me back to the starting line -

I'm feeling so real


Whenever you kiss me

My lips anticipate

Your next visit

And I long for you

Like a junky in withdrawal

Only you can meet this yen

When you press your lips

To mine all over again


Love is a syndrome

An airborne contagion

And the only cure

Is a twistedbrokenjagged heart

That weeps for itself

In brighter shades of crimson

In some shadow-colored corner

Of a dusty attic

And keys to the creaking door

Were lost decades before

I found my way to this darkened place

To share solitude with myself

In pity and disdain


If I never knew you

Coldness could not be mine to share

With some future

Unsuspecting prey

And fractured hearts

Hanging from my belt

Is proof enough

I learned your lesson well


Nocturnal life

Bared fangs and all

Necromancer at the ball

Adoration in the Fall

Abominations stand against the wall

Musing a next move

Their own or yours either one


Eyelashes bat in contempt

Sweat beads across their brow

Fidgety hands reach out in hope

(And only I know there is none)

As I take the lead and waltz

My latest conquest

To an untimely wounded soul

And then send my victim on their way

To break still other hearts in my stead

The same as mine was broken

Some other lie

Some other life

I'm feeling so real

Broken-hearted afterlife



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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