I yearn for you, even though im not supposed to.

For some reason i have this misconstrued thought 

that because i have healed from that pain, i cant go back just to feel it once more.

Does that make me broken again if i do?

If i want to revisit the thought of forever with you?

This poem is about: 



Can't figure what his feelings mean, since he experinced many different things before. Can't tell if he is scared or unhappy or maybe something else.


Hes afraid.

Afraid that maybe the past may come to haunt him.

That maybe the things hes experienced before will consume him in a way that he never  imagined.

Hes lost in an undescribable emotion and currently cant find a way out,  help him see that an emotion is just that.

Theres always a way to sort through, let that guidance come from you.

You can be afraid together, but let the fear heal you  not devour you.


Relatable :/

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